Happy Father's Day!

On my list of favorite wedding moments, the father/daughter dance is in my top 5. There's just something so sweet about a daddy giving away his little girl to the man she's chosen to be her new protector. Those tender moments are what we live for. Sometimes those tender moments last an entire song and sometimes those tender moments bookend the most lit father daughter dance you'll ever see. Who knows? You'll have to watch and see. 

Tiffany + Ben | All Saints Chapel - Raleigh, NC

Tiffany and Ben were married at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh, NC this past April and these two know how to party! Their wedding day started off at their beautiful home (+ adorable pups) and ended with the Gonza Tacos and Tequila food truck, dancing, and a beautiful sparkler send off! 

Sydney + Tyler | Prestonwood Country Club - Cary, NC

Sydney and Tyler were wed at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC this past April. These two are a couple for the books! Their vows are relationship goals and their parent dances are going to blow you away (just wait for the full video!). This teaser film features only half of Tyler's amazing vows and I can't wait to show you both of theirs! 
Planner: Cathy Anna Events
Florist: Every Bloomin' Thing
Photographer: Ariel Perry

Stephanie + Jason | Carlee Farm - Oxford, NC

Meet Stephanie and Jason. These two are just a match made in heaven - Stephanie is calm, cool, and collected; and Jason is goofy, sarcastic, and full of happy tears (just watch the video!). 

They were wed at Carlee Farm in Oxford, NC and their day was the perfect representation of their love: from the shoes, to Jason's truck, to the music that filled the day. Take a look! 

Net Neutrality is saved!

Some good news and a big win for 'the little guys' is going around the web today! Net Neutrality is saved! For those of you who didn't catch the Net Neutrality news earlier this year, basically companies and some politicians were voting to make the internet a pay-to-play system that allowed service providers to make consumers pay to access certain sites and allow speed throttling (providers could slow or speed up your service at will and make you pay to make it faster). You can read more about that here: https://www.goldandsage.com/blog/2017/12/15/what-you-and-your-photography-business-needs-to-know-about-new-neutrality

The good news is the senate voted to keep the net neutral - everyone receives the same service for the same price. #winning
Gizmodo wrote a post today that sums it up pretty well, "net neutrality is [important] for local news, emergency response, rural users, and the economically poor, as well as small businesses."

Oh, and here's some rings form the past weekends wedding cause'..... ya know the internet is neutral and all ;) 

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