How I Rebranded My Photography Business | Part 3: Building Hype

How I rebranded my Photography Business

Welcome back, lovely!

So once you’ve gotten your concept down and you’re making moves to build your brand or re-brand, you’ve got to build hype and let people know what you’re up to! Let people inside your excitement. When I re-branded, I posted a lot about it – I shared my new name, logo, website sneak peeks, business card sneak peeks, and my feelings about my new brand. And you know what? People liked it! I built up hype and let people know that I was re-branding and that it was still me, but with a different business name. This way I didn’t lose followers (or follower – thanks Mom!) or confuse people when I switched up the look of things.

The way I did this was I built out my brand and WAITED. And it killed me to wait because I’m not patient. But I waited a few weeks before I launched and posted the sneak peeks I was talking about on instagram and facebook and the twitter so that I didn’t lose anyone in the process. The same goes for when you’re launching a brand – build hype! Tell people you’re starting a business or that you’ve got exciting things in the works for your current business. Friends are amazingly supportive and will send people your way more often than not. So let people know what you’re up to behind closed doors. If you sell a product, have a giveaway to get people involved, if you’re service based (like me) offer coupons – make it a BIG reveal like a grand opening of a store front and have fun!

While you're building hype around your business, don't be afraid to spend some money on advertising. Boosting posts on Instagram and Facebook is a great way to reach a broader audience for $20. One thing I will say about boosting posts is that I, personally, haven't seen much traffic out of them other than more followers on my social media pages, but when I boosted my post about my website launch I saw more traffic to my website and it did result in some inquiries and a booking!  On that note, I will leave you for today, but tune in next week for my final installment in this series: SEO and Marketing!