Can I choose my own wedding film music?

I wanted to drop a blog on music licensing because I get asked this question a lot:
“Can we choose the music for our highlight video?”
In short, the answer is: ‘No.’

Here’s why:
Music isn’t free. You can buy a song for personal use for like $2, but once you buy a song for commercial work, that licensing price jumps.

9 times out of 10 when a couple asks to choose their own music, they want a Top 40 track or a famous artist’s song. The kicker is: those tracks cost $10,000+. If you want to buy that license, that’s fine! However, a $10,000 music license on a $3,000 wedding video package typically isn’t in the budget.

There is still hope! There are so many talented artists in the world that aren’t famous yet, and their music is readily available for your wedding film. Their music is accessible on music licensing websites that I have access to and the cost of those tracks are included in your video package.

This brings me to the 1 out of 10 couples who would like to search those tracks and choose their music. To that I also say, ‘No.’ and it’s not because I’m a control freak – it’s for your own sanity. As newlyweds, you don’t have the time to choose your film music. It’s an overwhelming process to search through 1000’s of tracks that will fit your film. Plus, you haven’t even seen your film yet. I know what your film looks like because I’m editing it –the music and the vibe of the film have to complement each other.

To that I say, “Trust the process.” You hired me because you like my work, so let that moment when you see your complete film be special. At the end of it all, if you 100% hate the music and it makes you want to puke, let me know and I’ll switch it out. I’m not unreasonable! To date, I’ve never had a couple be disappointed in my music choice; so rest assured that your film will be just as moving as everyone else’s.