Life update: August 2018

Hey guys! So, this isn't your typical wedding video blog post (but don't worry, I've got some coming your way!), but I wanted to hop on and introduce myself for anyone who doesn't know me yet and fill you in on everything that's happened this August.

To start... Hi! I'm Sarah and I am the lady behind Gold + Sage:

Joshua Tree

 I got into videography on accident in college and fell in love with the art! One of my friends thought I was a photographer and gave my name to a wedding video company who was looking for some help over the summer. They asked me to assist on some shoots to which I told them, "Sure I'll come, but I've never touched a camera before." They took me in anyways and taught me the ropes and over the next year or so I began to film weddings on the reg and my life has never been the same! There's something really special about documenting love. Being the one who gets to preserve memories for generations to come is a privilege and an honor, and one I've thoroughly enjoyed the past 3 years. 

So, that's enough about me. Now it's time for you to meet the hubs: 


This hunky man is Andrew - he is the calm to my crazy. My personal, in-home IT support. The best pupper dad to Luna. He's my biggest fan and will always be my favorite person to eat cereal on the couch with while watching Netflix. He works for the YMCA as a business data analyst and is always trying to analyze my business (which will never happen because if he knew how much is costs to run this business, he would die). He loathes (but secretly loves) it when I make him do these photo sessions because we get to remember these trips in a special way. This California trip was one for the books - maybe one day I'll tell you the whole story....

So, that's us and we have some fun August news:
1. My computer died and I had to get a new one and it's super speedy and I'm so excited. 
2. We bought our first house! Below are some terrible iPhone photos, but they'll do for now. She's a little bit of a fixer-upper but nothing some paint can't fix. We're so in love with this little ranch and are excited to spend the next few years here in the heart of Apex growing Gold + Sage and making memories. I'll keep you posted as we paint our cabinets and renovate the kitchen and you can always follow along on Instagram at @goldandsageweddings

New Home

**Huge shutout to Kayla Jannika Photography for these photos in Joshua Tree!**