What you and your photography business need to know about Net Neutrality

Hello photographer! Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to talk about this week's hot topic: Net Neutrality. 

First, let’s talk about Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is simply a government mandated, equal playing field for everyone on the internet. That means that everything cost the same for everyone – from the big guys to the little guys. This mandate also put in place a sort of ‘honesty’ act that forced providers to disclose data caps, if they would slow speeds and when, and forces providers to abide by their own rules (that way the provider can’t sabotage others on their network). You can read more about NN here.

The proposed reversal of Net Neutrality (which you can read here) means that the internet would belong to those who provide it – companies like Comcast, Spectrum, and Dish can now decide who gets priority speeds, if they want to charge for certain sites, and can enter into a payment for speed or visibility structure. What this means is that the big guys will naturally win out because it will all come down to money – if you have the money, you can get the speed and the visibility. It also means that providers can charge you to access certain sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc. No one knows exactly how the providers will structure their new plans; there's a chance this could actually be better for consumers with more reasonable rates as the providers will be in open market competition. 

So, what does that mean for your photography business? Well it means that it’s time to:
(1) take advantage of social media to the fullest and
(2) start storing your data on some of the larger providers who will be able to pay for the speed you’ll need if providers lean that way.
As far as social media marketing goes, this is the time to establish your business on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Make a business page on Facebook, up your Instragram game (check out this free e-course), and register your website with Google so it will show up in searches. Next, store your data on larger providers.  If you’re a photographer move your galleries to sites like Pixieset and Pass, if you’re a videographer move your videos to YouTube and Vimeo. These larger providers will have funds to keep up their speeds which will keep your clients happy when trying to view or download their products. As always, network marketing is going to be your friend. As many in-person connections as you can make the better! Get your name out there so people know who to call. As far as your personal website goes, keep up with blogging and posting on social media to keep your SEO going – at this point no one knows if the new structure will help or hinder the little guy if the bill passes at all

What are your thoughts on Net Neutrality?