Wedding Etiquette for Vendors


Hello wedding vendors! Thanks for stopping by! I wanted to go ahead and throw in my $.02 on wedding etiquette since there seems to be a lot of blogs telling guests what to do, but we all know that it takes team work to make the dream work. That’s why this blog is all about wedding vendor etiquette! Lets dive in.

Planners. Planners are the glue that holds an entire day together! They pour their heart and soul into the design and flow of the day and without them no one would know anything. Vendors, the planner is your point of contact! Don’t ask the bride, family, or caterers about literally anything – they won’t know. Always, always, always ask the planner and never give instructions to anyone without being 100% sure it’s the planner’s plan.

Caterers. Caterers are hired by the bride to serve food and clear tables. Don’t ask them to do more than they’re contracted for like haul gear, decorate, or give you tours of the venue. They’re busy! Also caterers, vendors would like to eat during the reception so do us a solid and include vendor meals in your packages. I know a lot of you do and I LOVE YOU.

DJs. DJs will be your best friend as they pretty much direct the reception. We all know that weddings get off schedule sometime between the ceremony and the reception beginning because of photographs (aka: me). At this point, the DJ almost always re-writes the reception timeline to keep it moving. Connect with them and the planner to make sure you know where and when to do your thing.

Photographers. Photographers are either the bane of the wedding or can make it seamless. Photographers, STAY on schedule the best you can and make that planner and the DJ your best friends – they’re your most valuable assets for not missing a beat. Vendors, most photographers will give you photos or let you license them to share your work, but please do not post photos before the photographer does. We may be submitting them for publishing or we may not have delivered them to the couple yet, and having photos floating around can hurt our chances of being published or make the bride and groom impatient.

Videographers. We’re kind of the forgotten vendor. Not many couples have video and no one really knows what to do with us. Our role is simple, we follow the photographers around so the video content matches the photo content. We have a lot of bulky gear that is not easy to move on short notice. Planners and photographers, we need extra time to set up our gear – please let us know ahead of time where to be so we can get set up without holding up the timeline. Videographers and photographers, don’t get in front of each other – playing the ‘this is my space’ game only leads to bad footage and bad photos in the end. Communicate and work together for the best results especially during the ceremony.

Florists, HMUAs, and Cakes. Y'all make everything look beautiful and I love you.