Fall Update


Fall Update:

Hello lovelies! Thanks for stopping by. September has been my down month and I am so thankful for some time to spend with my husband, doggo, and friends! September is one of my favorite months here in the south. The summer heat has died down (a little), it’s bearable to be outside, the cool fall breezes start to kick up, and all the stores are prepping for fall! I’ve got some big goals for the remainder of 2017, mostly personal and some professional.

Here’s my fall snapshot:

  1. 6 weddings left for the year
  2. 5 Family birthdays + mine! (all in October!)
  3. OUR FIRST MARRIED: Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (okay, Christmas is technically winter... But still.)
  4. Craft parties, coffee dates, and bible studies with the ladies

Fall Goals:  

  1. Work out every week day
  2. Find a better work/life/media balance - For our family that means all phones, tablets, and computers are OFF by 8pm. We’ll see how this goes ;)
  3. I’ve started a chronological bible study and hope to finish it by the end of 2018. It’s a 1 year plan, but knowing my reading habits, I’ll need the extra 4 months to end on time!
  4. Finish my 6 audio books that have been in the que since March…
  5. Record 2 E-courses: Admin. for Photographers and The Quick Start Guide for A Home Based Business

What’s on your list for the fall?