Taylor + Kevin's Teaser Film

About a month ago, I had the please sure 2nd shoot for Ariel Perry Photography and I even got to sneak in a little highlight film as a surprise for the bride and groom - that brillinat idea goes to Cathy Anna Events, who designed and planned this whole day! 

Heather + Brandon's Teaser Film

A month ago I had the pleasure of filming a local wedding planner's wedding! Since this beautiful bride the planner behind Pailsey and Pearl Events, I knew this wedding would be gorgeous and run smooth as butter and I want not wrong. Here's a sneak peek of Heather and Brandon's wedding day: 

The Glenwood | Raleigh, NC // Court and Daniella Wedding Video

Court and Daniella are the sweetest couple and I had the pleasure of videoing the wedding in July of 2016 and now they are expecting a baby! Time flies, but I love to see happy couples and their happy babies. Court's mother is a wedding designer at Cathy Anna Events and killed it on the decorations! Check it out below. 

Art Space 111 | Fort Worth, TX // Isaac and Rae Wedding Film

Meet Rae and Isaac! Rae was my roommate in college and Isaac had been a long time friend when I introduced them at a party years ago. I knew they'd fall in love eventually, but it took a while. My claim to sparking their love was when the 3 of us were going to meet for coffee, but I 'unexpectedly' had somewhere else to be. Leaving these two stranded on a date. Years passed and they exchanged 'I love you's and now they're entering their second year of marriage! crazy. This was one of the first wedding videos I ever filmed, and while it's slightly embarrassing, It's also fun to remissness on new beginnings! Something special I don't want to forget is that the music to this track was written especially for Rae by her brother, Lucas for her to walk down the isle to - so sweet!