Sarah + Andrew | Willow Springs, NC

Q: You know what the best part of working in the wedding industry is? 
A: Getting to know and work with the best vendors in my area.

This wedding is close to my heart because it's my own. So many people came together on our wedding day to make it special and to help us pull it off (thanks, Mom, Dad, and my Mother-In-Love!). We were wed on my family farm in Willow Springs, NC in my Aunt's back yard because it's adorable and my dad preformed the ceremony because he's adorable (jk, it's cause he's a pastor).

Fun facts: We did the flowers ourselves, my parents own all of those platters on the dessert table for some reason, there were 3 Sara(h)'s in the bridal party - super confusing, we had 7 flower girls (adorable), and somehow we didn't break anything...

Photography by: Jenn Hall Photo
Videography by: Oak City Films
Video Edited by: Gold + Sage

Bonus! Check out our honeymoon film (no, it's not that kind of film): 

The Glenwood | Raleigh, NC // Court and Daniella Wedding Video

Court and Daniella are the sweetest couple and I had the pleasure of videoing the wedding in July of 2016 and now they are expecting a baby! Time flies, but I love to see happy couples and their happy babies. Court's mother is a wedding designer at Cathy Anna Events and killed it on the decorations! Check it out below. 

Art Space 111 | Fort Worth, TX // Isaac and Rae Wedding Film

Meet Rae and Isaac! Rae was my roommate in college and Isaac had been a long time friend when I introduced them at a party years ago. I knew they'd fall in love eventually, but it took a while. My claim to sparking their love was when the 3 of us were going to meet for coffee, but I 'unexpectedly' had somewhere else to be. Leaving these two stranded on a date. Years passed and they exchanged 'I love you's and now they're entering their second year of marriage! crazy. This was one of the first wedding videos I ever filmed, and while it's slightly embarrassing, It's also fun to remissness on new beginnings! Something special I don't want to forget is that the music to this track was written especially for Rae by her brother, Lucas for her to walk down the isle to - so sweet!