Raleigh, NC // Headshot Lightening Round

Meet the beautiful business women and the handsome men of Raleigh, NC! I tried my hand at my first head-shot lightening round and all I can say is WOW! The turn out was amazing and I met so many beautiful, hardworking women, moms, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, and wives.  I will definitely be making head-shot Lightening Rounds a quarterly event. Be on the look out for Spring Sessions if you’re looking to update your head-shots!


Durham, NC // Lucas and Lacetta Engagement Session

Lucas and Lacetta met in my living room while Lacetta was visiting her cousin, my roommate. When Lucas saw Lacetta for the first time, of course he was captivated with her beauty; but moreover he was captivated with her spirit. When I asked Lucas he knew Lacetta was the one he told me that her passion for a strong, Godly leader was what let him know, ‘this isn’t your average girl’. Form that moment on their long distance relationship began.

After a few months of long phone calls, flights back and forth for visits, and lots of hugs and sweet words, Lucas knew it was time to pop the question. Again, in my living room. We strung lights, built a rose petal and mason jar candle path to the front door, blasted Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, and Lucas surprised Lacetta with a romantic proposal. A couple days later we adventured around Durham, NC for their engagement session. I love Lacetta’s non-traditional sapphire engagement ring – very Princes Diana.

Congratulations Lucas and Lacetta! Your October wedding is going to be beautiful.